Clara      Barceló

basic information

My name is Clara Barceló. I was born in 1999 on Majorca island, where I would like to live for many years. My mother tongue is Catalan, perhaps I usually speak Spanish and English fluently, and now I'm learning Russian and German language too.


I considered the possibility of studying something related to writing novels, but I desisted from that. I am studying right now Law and Criminology on Valencia University.

beginning to write

I started writing when I was six. Since I was a child, I used to write everything I dreamed about.

When I was nine, I wrote my first book. I printed it and gave it as a present to my whole family. It was a signal of what was close to arrive.

Since then, I have been writing all the time. I would like to become a real writer someday. 

At eleven years old, I published my first novel La perla Negra. By clicking here, you can read it for free. I published it on Bubok, and it was really successful at first.

When I was thirteen I wrote Carmín Inesperado. On this page, you may also see all the information about the novel. It was published on Bubok too. Recently, this book is on-sale on Amazon page.

Four years ago I wrote Sombra de Sangre, but it hasn't been finished and published until 2018. Again, I have published my latest novel on Amazon. 


Books I recommend you

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